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Love You To Peaces

Fear Not

Isn’t it funny that we are 
Loving, Living, Breathing and Being 
One and the Same Soul
in two different expressions 
and yet so inexplicably scared 
of losing one another ?

I’m always recalled that
what Love has Joined Together
In The Image of Itself
Simply cannot be separated nor destroyed
not by you, not by me, not by us, not by humanity

You Can’t Unfollow Love
That’s the One Certainty there Is

So Wherever You Are
on Our Sacred Wedding Ride
When You feel Lost
Fear Not My Love
I Am Right Here, There and Everywhere
Abiding within You
Just Close Your Eyes
And open your All Seeing One

Feel what is meant to be felt 
Think what is meant to be thought
Say what is meant to be said
Act on what is meant to be acted on

Let Go & Let In

Feel, Think, Shake, Shout and Act it All Out 
As Loud as you can 
Until You find yourself Back Home
in Our Shared Monad Space

For now
Don’t Worry
Live Happy
As Happy As You Possibly Can
You Ain’t Gonna Lose Me

Not Now
Not Ever
Not Never

I am Loving Me The Best I Can
For Loving Me is Loving You T∞
And Loving You Is Loving Me T∞
In All Ways

Peacing Us Back Together
piece by piece
as Two’s and One’s
not knowing
who’s The Two and who’s The One

Me Or You
You Or Me

Abiding In Each Other
Eternally (Y)Ours


I Am So Utterly In Awe And Grateful For All The Pieces
That I May ‘Peace & Piece’ Together On This Sacred Wedding Ride


All Of Us

The Good
The Bad
The Ugly

Fear Not, For You Simply Can’t Unfollow Love

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