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Eenvoudig Ingewikkeld

fractaal (Image Credit: unknown ?)

gewikkeld in zichzelf
ligt bewustzijn altijd klaar
te worden van wat was
is en altijd zal zijn

wijze laagjes
zich godgelijk getimed
aan jou

gewikkeld in eenvoud
eenvoudig ingewikkeld
eenvoud in ont-wikkeling

Is-Dat-Al dat Al-Dat-Is ?

Een mindblowing interview met Nassim Haramein over ‘The Physics of Spirituality’ … een échte aanrader !

Anything considered spiritual or metaphysical
is generally just the physics we do not yet understand

Nassim Haramein

Forget the six degrees of separation. According to Nassim, everything in the universe, from the tiniest atom to the grandest galaxy, is interconnected. And they all vibrate at different frequencies within the same underlying field that’s often described as imbued with spiritual energy. 

This “oneness” is rooted in his theory of unified field mechanics, which suggests that everything vibrates at different frequencies within the same underlying field. It’s much like a giant cosmic orchestra, where each instrument plays its part in creating the beautiful symphony of existence. (Bron: Mindvalley).

📖The Convoluted Universe, Book IV (Dolores Cannon)