Holy Shift !

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🎬 The Story of the Fall of Consciousness (Mastering Alchemy / Jim Self)

🎬 The Shift Update: Holy Shift! What do I do now? (Mastering Alchemy / Jim Self)

🎬 Exploring The Shift with Jim Self and Steve Rother

🎬 The Shift Of The Ages: The Ancient Prophecy of Humanity’s Awakening from the Exile in Darkness (Patricia Cota Robles / Era of Peace)

🎬 The Freedom of Consciousness (Lee Harris and the Z’s)

🎬 The Divine Design. The Untold Story of Earth’s and Humanity’s Evolution in Consciousness (Lori Ladd)

🎬Humanity’s Fall from 5D tot 3D (Lorie Ladd)

📖 The Golden Future. What to expect and how to reach the 5th Dimension (Diana Cooper)

🎬 What Is Happening Right Now (Teal Swan)

🎬 New Earth. Timeline Jumping (Natural Mystic)